DCAA Timesheet – Timekeeping Best Practices

Timekeeping is crucial; there is no way around it if you plan to be a government contractor. In addition, if you become a government contractor, be prepared to be audited by the Defense Contract Auditing Agency (DCAA). Do not worry; be prepared! Follow these timekeeping best practices when filling out your DCAA timesheet and come […]

DCAA Timecard – Automation vs. Manual Entry

It can be tough when your company is small to medium size to meet all the standards and policy expectations of the Department of Contract Auditing Agency (DCAA), especially when it comes to the financial side of those expectations. These costs can be staggering when you are having your first interaction with the demands of […]

DCAA Timekeeping – Overview of Requirements

The Defense Contracting Auditing Agency (DCAA) is a stickler for rules and Timekeeping is not an exception. The importance of DCAA timekeeping cannot be understated. The goal is simple — prevent fraud and waste; therefore, a good managerial eye and employee timekeeping system is necessary. What makes employee work hours so important is that there […]

DCAA Now Requiring Daily Compounded Interest for CAS Noncompliance Adjustments

The DCAA has implemented a requirement for daily compounded interest on adjustments of CAS noncompliance after a dispute over a contractor not paying interest on monies owed. This is a costly change, as compounded interest is significantly more than simple interest. Treasury rates can make this cost hurt even more if they inch towards the […]

Improvements on the Horizon for DCAA

The past couple years have been a struggle for the DCAA with reports of frustrated employees and corrupt supervisors. The GAO found flawed audit reviews, some suppressing negative findings. Many auditors reported inappropriate behavior from their supervisors. With new authority in place, changes have been improving the DCAA. More attention is going towards the hiring […]

Conference Assists Small Businesses with Federal Contracts and DCAA Audit Preparations

With the Federal Government being the largest purchaser of goods and services, it is extremely beneficial for small businesses to submit federal contracts.  The Federal Government actually allocates a portion of their budget towards small firms. The upcoming 2010 Midwest Small Business Government Contracting Symposium is offering help to small businesses interested in contracting with […]

DCAA Compliance and its Link to Company Valuation

Could your company’s valuation be negatively impacted by your lack of compliance with the DCAA? For many firms that rely on DoD business, it’s important to realize how closely your valuation could be tied to your compliance with the DCAA.  The following article helps explore some key elements to consider and highlights this frequently overlooked […]

Are Some DCAA Reforms Being Overlooked?

The DCAA has recently implemented new reforms, however, are meaningful issues being addressed?  Listen to this insightful podcast on issues that hinder the agency and can have an effect on your company: To learn more and to listen to the podcast, click here

DoD Proposes Rule to Extend Authority of Contracting Officers

In an effort to rein in the DCAA, the DoD has proposed a rule to grant the ability of contracting officers to identify companies with deficient business systems and withhold payments.  Although the contracting officers will still have to consult with the DCAA, they will have the ability to make the final decision.  Contracting officers […]

Survey Shows Signs that Government Spending Not Affected by Recession

A recent survey indicates that half of the federal contractors surveyed have received an increase in federal business this past year.  While many businesses are spending less and reducing their workforce, this study hints that government spending is not affected by recession.  The companies surveyed also indicated that revenue from government contracts was comparable to […]