What Are The Top Ten DCAA Audit Triggers?

Find out the top 10 reasons why the DCAA will audit you. Try to avoid these!

1. Inability to provide document traceability

2. Allocations not posted to Contracts or unavailable in standard reports.

3. Failure to Follow the DCAA recommended Timekeeping Policy

4. Incompatibility of records, often from inclusion of unallowable costs

5. Revisit the DCAA Contract Audit Manual (CAM) relative to internal controls. The CAM is the DCAA playbook and available free on the DCAA website.

6.Now would be the ideal time to identify and confront any material organizational or operational weakness in your accounting system. If management is still skeptical, turn around and show them the target on your back in the form of DCAA guidance.

7. Address any previous finding from auditors. Any subsequent auditor will likely review these, as well.

8.Prepare for a more confrontational tone from auditors.

9.Continue to maintain a good relationship with your ACO, CO and technical counterparts. (DAD)

10. Inconsistency of documents, data, and balances of funds.