DCMA Jobs For You

There are many reasons why working for the federal government can be appealing, whether it is the benefits, the pay or simply because you wish to give something back to your country. But what branch of the government is best for you?

If you are thinking of working for the Defense Contract Management Agency (DCMA), there are many fulfilling careers for you to choose from. DCMA jobs are some of the most personally satisfying jobs out there. You can take pride that you are working towards the future of your country by helping its military be the best in the world.

You will be a direct part in equipping the military with the most state of the art, and up to date equipment, by being an active component of the department that negotiates for the best technology, supplies, weapons, tools, etc.

DCMA jobs are not simply careers in accounting or contract making, but also engineering careers, industrial and information technology specialists careers, and quality assurance careers, among other things.

The DCMA is always looking for a variety of different personnel, with different education and experience levels. Many entry-level opportunities will allow you to work your way up in a gratifying career.

The Defense Contract Management Agency headquarters are in Fort Lee, Virginia, however you could also be working out of Hartford, Connecticut; Oswego or Syracuse, New York; Twin Cities, Minnesota; Cedar Rapids, Iowa; or another of the forty-eight (48) Contract Management Offices (CMOs). You could even work in Afghanistan.

The benefits are worth having a look at, as well. From flexible working schedules, which allow you to retain a good work-life balance, to great employee benefits, to salaries that are competitive with the private sector, and paid holidays vacation and leave, you will find it hard to want for more.

The DCMA is not only interested in hiring the best personnel possible, but also in retaining them. And when you know your employer is standing firmly behind you wanting to make your life easier, providing the best work you can to your employer becomes second nature. Working for the DCMA you matter, not only as an employee, but to your country. Your work will help protect lives and your country’s freedom.

There are several ways in which you could find DCMA jobs. You could check the job opportunities listed on their website (http://www.dcmacareers.com). You could also apply at one of their career fairs, which you will also find listed on their website.

The DCMA has different special programs also outlined on their website. You may qualify for one of these programs and find yourself with one of the many DCMA jobs out there. It could very well become your lifetime career. In today’s unstable job market, this is an even more attractive prospect