Who is doing the Accounting for the DCAA?

Most accountants and auditors for the DCAA are college graduates, hundreds of them have advanced degrees, and over half of them (approx. 1,700) are Certified Public Accountants (CPAs). DCAA jobs are posted on USA Jobs.

What is the DCAA?

DCAA (Defense Contract Audit Agency) was created by act of Congress in 1965 to perform all necessary contract audits for the Department of Defense (DOD). Their mission also includes providing accounting and financial advisory services to all DOD components in connection with the negotiation, administration and settlement of contracts and subcontracts. Today DCAA employs more […]

DCAA Rates – What Are The DCAA’s Hourly Billing Rates?

The following rates have been authorized for all work performed by DCAA under the Memorandum of Agreement. FY09 DCAA Hourly Billing Rate: $93.98 FY09 DCAA Reimbursable Adder Rate Factor: 22.0%

What Are DCAA Unallowable Costs?

Over the years the federal government has determined that certain costs cannot be allowed in prices, cost reimbursements or settlements under contracts with the US Government. The government is unwilling to pay for these costs as direct charges to federal government contracts or through indirect expense pools applied to federal government contracts. A company is […]